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Hexapod Illuminata Lamp

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The Hexapod Illuminata is a handcrafted, small batch, unique and collectible lamp inspired by Victorian Era Occultism.

Crawling out of the Abyss, this strange and fascinating creature appeared uninvited in my workshop. It's six legs, decorated with markings by some unknown hand, fascinate with an odd arthropodian beauty. Gazing into it's swirling crystal, at once dark and powerfully luminous, many worlds have been revealed to my pitifully inadequate human eyes. It seems to be a window across the veil of time and space, perhaps into the very soul of the world. And it is a beautiful and terrible world indeed. 


  • It measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 7" Tall
  • Illuminated by 16 color changing LEDs
  • Has 360 unique color modes including static and cycling
  • Controlled with a 21 key Radio Frequency Remote (It can go through solid surfaces unlike cheaper IR remotes)
  • It's made of high grade resin and metallic pigments (Just like Hollywood special effects props)
  • It plugs right into the wall using the included 5 Volt Adapter

365 Day Warranty and 30 Day No-Hassle Returns

  • If you order it and don't like it you can send it back for a full refund
  • If it stops working I will make it right with a repair, replacement, or full refund.

The Special Way This Lamp is Made

The Illuminata series are designed and made by a single independent artist in a small workshop.

Handcrafting them in small batches ensures that you get a real collector's piece of art and not a mass manufactured toy. You can feel good about where your money is going.

It's made of the same pricey materials as hollywood movie props and built in the same way, each one molded, cast, painted, assembled, and tested by one pair of hands. That takes time, but it makes a great piece of art.

You can feel safe in your purchase with 30 day returns and a 365 day full warranty. If you don't love it. Send it back for a full refund. If it quits working, send it back and I'll fix it, replace it, or give you your money back. Simple and safe.

Click Add to Cart and I'll personally pack your lamp into a 100% recyclable shipping box and send it to your house with free 3 day shipping.