Dragonpool Lamp

I had traveled for days through the mountain pass and finally came upon the cave that the shaman mother told me of. My pack laid down near the jagged hole in the rock face, I wedged myself in and crawled on my stomach through the impossibly small tunnel.

Just when I thought I could bear it no longer the tortuous hole expanded into a staggering cathedral of rock lit by a faint blue glow. In the center of the chamber was a pool no larger than 2 men laid end to end. As quickly as I dared I made my way across the slick rock floor to the center of the room and the pit of water.

As I gazed into the swirling pool I began to sense a faint charge creeping up my spine. It was then that I saw the impossible spiraling pattern reflected in the water before me and heard the deep thrumming rhythm of massive wing beats above my head....... 


  • 10.5" tall x 4" wide
  • Remote Controlled Color Modes
  • Plugs into a USB charger or 3 AA Batteries
  • Includes: base, illuminated acrylic slab, remote, and 3ft USB cable.


  • 10 color-changing LEDs in the base light up a piece of laser-etched acrylic
  • Use the remote to select a static color or one of 4 color-cycling modes.


  • Each piece is made in my workshop. I use a laser to cut and engrave the acrylic, clean it by hand, and then personally test the electronics.


  • Domestic orders typically ship the same business day via 3-5 Day USPS First Class
  • International orders arrive in 7-21 business days

I promise to make your order right. If anything is wrong I will refund or replace your order. I stand by each piece 100%

- Adam Houghton (Owner, Designer, and Creator of Synthetic Relics)