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Casia Illuminata Lamp

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What Is This Thing?

The Casia Illuminata is a limited edition handcrafted art lamp inspired by the anachronistic world of Victorian Era Occultism.

The Origin Story:

Detailed references to the Casia Illuminata first appear in an 11th Century Norman text. There it is described by Abrehen the Scholar as an artifact of ‘Temporal Power’ and ‘Strange Internal Luminosity’. The source of it’s pulsing glow revealed to be  ‘A witching stone born of the heavens’. Detailed examinations of the artifact near the turn of the 20th Century reveal a lack of tool marks and a psycho-spectral field of unusual strength.

What Makes This Piece Special?

  • Every One is Handcrafted in Washington State by the Original Artist
    • Incredible attention to detail and quality
  • 6 and a Half inches tall by 6 inches wide
    • Perfect for a desk or bookshelf
  • Durable and Detailed Handcrafted Materials
    • Built to last
  • 366 Unique Lighting Modes controlling 16 Super Bright LEDs
    • Huge variety of colors and patterns
  • 21 Key RF Remote Control
    • Superior to Infrared remotes in its ability to receive signals through solid objects
  • 5 Volt 2 Amp UL Listed External Power Supply
    • Ensures the highest degree of safety

How It’s Made:

From Synthetic Relics founder Adam Houghton-

All design and production takes place in my workshop tucked in the lush woods of the Puget Sound. For this piece I was heavily influenced by 19th century ornamentation and early books of Gnostic Mysticism. As with every Synthetic Relics design, the ancient was reborn through modern technology.

The Illuminata Series began as a series of sketchbook pages, carefully refined over weeks. I then created 3D Printed prototypes and masters using design software and a combination of SLA and FDM printing technologies. The masters were completed by hand and prepared for the molding process. After 3 separate versions were tested and improved the Casia Illuminata was ready for production.

For each and every piece, Hollywood Special Effects Grade Urethane Resin and Pigments are hand-poured into molds and subjected to high-pressure casting to ensure the best detail. Each lamp is comprised of 6 individual cast pieces as well as a base made of laser cut and engraved birchwood.

Components are then hand-finished, removing imperfections, and sealed with 3 different types of protective coating. 

I then move on to the electronics which are tested no less than 4 times throughout the assembly process.

Finally I wrap the lamp carefully in tissue paper and nestle it into 100% biodegradable packing to insure no harm will come to the piece in transit. I also enclose a certificate featuring the origin story and detailed operating instructions. It's then shipped via Insured Priority Mail at no cost to you.

Why my Warranty is Unmatched in the World of Collectible Art:

I stand by my work 100%. Within 30 days if you are unhappy with your collector's piece for any reason I invite you to return it for a complete refund. Additionally you have 365 days to exercise a full warranty. If something goes wrong with your lamp I want to know and I will make it right through a repair or full replacement.

I'm not aware of anyone else creating collectible art of this caliber that offers anything similar. In fact, the majority of artists do not allow returns of any kind. I strongly disagree with this approach. I make art because I want people to be happy, if they aren't then I've failed at my goal, and I want to do everything I can to make my collectors satisfied with their decision to collect my work.