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About Us

Hi! I'm Adam Houghton and Synthetic Relics is my brainchild.

I create beautiful and unique pieces of functional art that are accessible to anyone. 

The work done here is a rebellion against cheap throw-away commercial culture. I strive to make pieces that are worthy of a place in your home, objects that won't be thrown away only to clog our waste stream with cheap junk. These are remarkable artifacts that you can proudly share with your friends and family for years and years.

Many artisans have a 'no refunds - buy at your own risk' policy. I disagree strongly with this approach. When you decide to start a relationship with my work, it's my duty to watch out for your interests. I am personally invested in every aspect of the creation of these pieces. From the design and sourcing of materials and components to the manufacturing. I stand by their quality and am confident that you will love your collection.

That's why every piece includes a 365 day guarantee and a 30 day return policy. I want you to truly enjoy adding a relic to your collection without any stress about quality or craftsmanship.

Please follow @syntheticrelics on Instagram to watch the story unfold, learn about the process and ideas behind the work, and get first look at new creations.