Crystalline Consciousness Lamp

"Before me I saw the world changed. All sensory impressions fractured into thousands of crawling geometric pieces. Each a multidimensional shard repeating a tiny segment of the room into infinity." 


  • 10.5" tall x 5.5" wide
  • Remote Controlled Color Modes
  • Plugs into a USB charger or 3 AA Batteries
  • Includes: base, illuminated acrylic slab, remote, and 3ft USB cable.


  • 10 color-changing LEDs in the base light up a piece of laser-etched acrylic
  • Use the remote to select a static color or one of 4 color-cycling modes.


  • Each piece is made in my workshop. I use a laser to cut and engrave the acrylic, clean it by hand, and then personally test the electronics.


  • Domestic orders typically ship the same business day via 3-5 Day USPS First Class
  • International orders arrive in 7-21 business days

I promise to make your order right. If anything is wrong I will refund or replace your order. I stand by each piece 100%

- Adam Houghton (Owner, Designer, and Creator of Synthetic Relics)


The Tale of The Crystalline Consciousness

It was 12:30 am and the strange throbbing tones abruptly ended, causing me to drop the radio headphones to my desk. Those sounds had consumed my waking hours for the better part of a month. I had sat at my small desk barely moving for days on end. The radio continually tuned to that one impossible frequency - the oscillation of the densely patterned crystal I had sacrificed so much to obtain.

Those beautiful sounds, wordless, formless, but somehow ALIVE with a rhythmic and tonal complexity I was sure had purpose. But for what? And now they had gone! Departed in instant! A month’s effort surely wasted!

Hurriedly, I opened the chamber I had fashioned in the radio to house the crystal. My fingers prying open the innermost doors to reveal the source of the sounds cessation. To my shock I found it empty! Barren of any trace of my prized mineral specimen!

I tore apart my workshop searching in vain. Upending tables and clearing shelves. Nothing. Exhausted, finally I laid upon my bed, determined to rest and begin my search again after a short respite. My eyes had just closed, when from behind tightly sealed lids a form began to take shape. It was familiar, like a constantly evolving ancient memory, spiraling patterns of tangled triangles, drawing me through them like a train hurtling through a tunnel. And then the sounds returned! I clutched at my ears to press the headphones close only to discover that my ears were bare. Of course! I had left my headphones on the desk!

A slow creeping fear began to lift and drop my stomach in waves. I was now certain I knew where the crystal had gone. With terror blossoming in my heart I slowly opened my eyes. Before me I saw the world changed. All sensory impressions fractured into thousands of crawling geometric pieces. Each a multidimensional shard repeating a tiny segment of the room into infinity. Then I was certain. I needn’t search any further for the crystal. It had not disappeared. It had found a new chamber from which to transmit it’s hypnotic vibrations, better than any crude radio device. A new powerful antennae…….. of flesh and blood and bone. 

My earlier fear and apprehension then dispersed, slipped from my awareness like a soft robe falling to the floor. A calm sense of purpose replaced any trivial worries such as afflict the human form. I would carry the crystal’s message, and upon hearing it, ALL would know and merge with the ebb and flow of it’s oscillations. All would be perfect. All would be cleansed of their organic frailty and become ordered. Another facet of the perfect crystalline pattern.