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The Cask of All Creation

by Adam Houghton April 05, 2021

The Cask of All Creation

Dear Reader,

My latest explorations into the dark recesses of the mystical world have borne fruit! In pulling back the veil and exposing the underpinnings of our strange universe I have discovered a power most unusual. Open now, your minds and mystic eye to the creation story of this Radically Rarified Relic! Relax your senses as I take you back to that dark night where it's power was first revealed to me.

A pulsing sphere of light undulated languidly before me. Suspended in mid air with no apparent means of support. It bathed my workshop in hues of purple, pink, and green. Shifting in a rhythmic pattern of temporal symmetry that resonated deep within the recesses of old ancestral memory. It recalled an evolutionary time before our primate ancestors. Harkening back to the primal urges of some protean pre-mammalian scaly limbed forebear. A rhythm aligned with a heart that pumped cold. Blood circulated through vessels warmed by the sun and mud. Its slow oscillations transmitted a hunger that lay dead still and dormant. Unmoving, until the whiff of prey would unleash a quick flash of teeth and limbs. Then the drag of a surprised beast thrashing wildly, pulled into the dark air-less deep of those murky primordial waters from where all life originated and to where all life will return.

I had spent the last six weeks in deep meditation in a darkened corner of my workshop. Guided by the dark tutelage of the Hexapod Illuminata. It’s lessons a wordless pressure in my brain stem compelling swirling visions of time before time and pangean continents lost to eons of seismic unrest.


Slowly over those sleepless days and nights where all earthly concerns of food and water were discarded a spark began to take form. An almost imperceptible glowing mote of floating dust. Pulled across the millennia from the oceans of our planet’s primordial past. This tiny speck, the first glowing embers of that strange cosmic force that drives the evolution of living things. Slowly, and with an inescapably driven purpose, it grew into the hungry fires of rapid change. Finally bursting forth as a pure and powerful blaze of light! A bonfire of the distilled essence of biological progress! The Architectural Animus of All Creation!

Our true genesis story was being revealed to me by my six legged glowing crystal guru. How had our world, once covered in oceans of lifeless compounds, inert for millions of years, subject only to the predictable rhythms of gravitational pulls and rotations, become the breeding ground for an infinitely complex expression of life? Visions were revealed to me of a great bombardment of asteroids, sent across an unfathomable distance over timeframes unimaginable. This massive fusillade of space projectiles striking the calm flat surfaces of our planet’s oceans, boiling icebergs and birthing great vaporized columns of skyscraping steam.

These missiles from across the stars contained the seeds, the blueprints, and the essential elements of life. Oh how wondrous! But at once I sensed behind this awesome power of creation there laid a hunger, a ravenous appetite impossible to satiate. The terrible opposing twin of that generous source which makes us. The seed of destruction, the gnashing maw of violence. The UN-MAKER. For what did those earliest amoebas do when they gained the ability of movement? They hunted one another, greedily absorbing anything too slow to escape their grasp. Gaining strength in an unending quest to consume and become more powerful! 

What terrible curse was visited upon our planet along with that most sacred gift of life? I sensed beneath the psychic waves, a presence. The galaxy sized intellect that issued the original comet borne bombardment. It’s designs for our little rock inscrutable behind light year wide clouds of space dust. Its intelligence at once wondrous but terrifyingly vast and alien. For what dark purpose had it created us? What diabolical destiny is ours to fulfill in this great universe?

So it was that I saw this uber-spark of all life’s beginnings made real. Spinning and oscillating before me. I knew then what I must do. As is my life’s sole purpose, I set about creating a container. A means of capturing the animus! And in so doing, devising an artifact fit for the collections of the most powerful and discerning occultists.

I began designing a vessel, engraved in sacred sigils of captivity and holding. An urn that could house a single drop of power from the fountainhead of creation.

4 legs to symbolize our ancestors that crawled onto land and sucked in the first desperate gulps of air into sticky lung sacs. 6 sides to echo the sacred hexagrams and hexagonal cell walls repeated infinitely in all things made by living creatures.

Atop this newly minted living ossuary I devised diffusion screens sourced from the writings of those most infamous twin alchemists of the Ancient Anemurian Empire.

The Shade of Othik and Orrum’s Spheres.

It was only then that I could call The Cask of All Creation complete!

And now dear collector this wondrous artifact is available in limited quantities for addition to your collections. Each houses a fragment of that evolutionary animus from beyond the stars. And through the wondrous fusing of occult knowledge and modern technology the visual emanations of the animus may be controlled via app or even connected to your infernal smart home assistant: those modern daemonic apprentices Alexa and Google!

Get yours here!

Adam Houghton
Adam Houghton


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